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Theft proof deposit container for Pantamera

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action; Responsible Consumption and Production; Partnerships for the Goals

Some know us as Returpack, others as Pantamera. And everybody is right. The brand Pantamera is driven by Returpack AB. Our operations are governed and regulated by 'The regulation on recycling systems for cans and plastic bottles'; SFS 2005:220, where the Swedish Board of Agriculture is the responsible supervisory authority.

Today, we are the only one who manages the only approved recycling system for beverage packaging with deposit. Since the start in 1984, we have constantly developed the deposit system along with other operators in the value chain.

We want to contribute to a sustainable society by means of the best deposit system in the world, where we recover all sold deposit packaging.


Since 2011 Pantamera has been collaborating with ski resorts and camping sites. Today's environmentally conscious guests want it to be easy to leave the can or bottle in the right place, for example, before their departures, when they leave their cottages or apartments.

We offer resorts deposit igloos at their recycling areas. The service is free. The only thing we want is that the payment for the deposit will be used for investments in the environment and sustainability.

Unfortunately, quite much of the deposit is stolen from the deposit igloos. The most effective thieves tipping the igloo and grab all deposits from the ground, which is a problem for the resorts, besides having less deposit to donate. They also have to face upset customers/visitors who have witnessed the theft.


We need to find a secure theft proof deposit container, and it has to be made for the outdoor environment.


Deadline for application: 2021-06-15

ECIU students applying for this project will also apply to the inGenious course but via a particular admission system (MoveOn). A senior coordinator at Linköping University will contact ECIU students for more information.

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The course includes nine (9) compulsory course elements, five (5) group assignments and one (1) individual reflection assignment.

  • KICK OFF/COURSE START. Tuesday, August 31st, 13:00 – 17:00
  • WORKSHOP - "SHITTY PROTOTYPING". Thursday, September 16th, 13.00-17.00
  • THE ART OF PITCHING – SEMINAR. Thursday, October 7th, 09.00-12.00
  • NO SLIDE 1-MINUTE-PITCH. Wednesday, October 13th. Group 1 at 08:00 – 12:00. Group 2 at 13.00-17.00
  • PITCH-TRAINING (3 minutes). Monday, November 2nd. Group 1 at 08.00-12.00, Group 2 at 13.00-17.00
  • RESPONSIBLE INNOVATION SEMINAR. Wednesday, November 10th, 08.00 – 12.00
  • 3-MINUTE-PITCH. Friday, November 26th, 09.00 – 12:00
  • PITCH-TRAINING (5 minutes). Group 1: Monday, December 6th Group 2: Tuesday, December 7th
  • GRADUATION EVENT (including 5-minutes-pitch). Thursday, December 16th, 10:00-14:00


Linköping University


Pantamera - Returpack AB

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