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Sustainability and food use

Zero Hunger; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and Well-being; Responsible Consumption and Production
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The Vallès Occidental region covers an area of 583.1 km2, groups a total of 23 municipalities in Catalonia located in the metropolitan region of Barcelona with a total population of 937,508 inhabitants. The Regional Council of Vallès Occidental has developed since 2015,  a number of regional projects aimed at reducing food waste, promoting programs where the surplus that can be used for human consumption is intended to help the most vulnerable  population groups through the collaboration of several social organizations.

One of these programs is RECOOPEREM“to share your cooking”, which consists of collecting the surplus of prepared meals from the schools of the participating municipalities, and their subsequent distribution through food banks among those individuals or families in the region who need support in feeding.

More recently, the MERCAT CIRCULAR program has been launched, which consists of the social use of fruit and vegetables that cannot be sold in the regional food market, Mercavallès.

The aim is to expand the scope of these two programs and promote new lines of work in order to achieve a higher level of use and impact in the fight against food waste and the social, environmental and economic consequences that this implies. 

The quantitative objectives to be achieved would be:

  • Reduction of 80.000 kg per year of waste in organic matter. 
  • Food guarantee and a healthy and balanced diet for 10.000 families in a situation of social exclusion and/or vulnerability for each year.
  • Annual distribution of 60.000 meals.
  • Annual distribution of 50.000 kg of fruit and vegetables. 
  • Recovery of approximately 204 kg per day of fruit and vegetables from Mercavallès, which is approximately 10% of the total food waste at this center.

Our challenge

The challenge, thus, is to ensure that we establish logistical and technological mechanisms and circuits that allow planning, collecting, distributing, monitoring and guaranteeing the traceability of food from the points of use (schools, hospitals, companies,..) to the distribution points (Food banks and others in perspective, such as home deliveries, delivery to other entities or soup kitchens, etc..). All this taking into account the specifics of each municipality, the distances between points, and sustainable urban and interurban mobility... as well as the economic sustainability of the network in the medium to long- term. 

Expected impact

We intend to obtain information, solutions and proposals that allow:

  • Identify good practices from other territories transferable to ours.
  • Identify and design innovative formulas for the logistics and transport of food for sustainable mobility at an urban and interurban level.
  • Study how the scope of the program being carried out can be expanded and how to complement it with innovative practices.
  • What technological solutions can facilitate the process of traceability, monitoring and control of the system from collection to delivery. 

Target groups

  • Schools
  • Mercavallès and municipal markets
  • Social entities and food banks
  • Health centers
  • Private enterprises, collective catering, shops, restaurants.



·       Start/End: 01/10/2021 – 29/10/2021

·       Deadline for application: 17/09/2021

·       Admission process: yes