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Big Data in care

Good Health and Well-being

Current situation

Data streams are increasing tremendously. This is also valid in Care. Think of data from the regular ICT systems (financial, use of care, personal care files, analysis of care results), but also location and sensor data of employees and patients, external websites and numerous open data sources.

Decision makers are not able to keep up with the increase of data. This results in a loss of helicopter view and suboptimal decision making. Also, big data and artificial intelligence technology are developing rapidly. 

The challenge

How can these technologies provide an important role in pattern recognition and may inform the human decision maker? What data sources are most promising in which use cases? Can we use for forecasting and predictive analysis?

Expected Impact

Together we will investigate interesting use cases, explore challenges and solutions and experiment with results. We expect that the use of Big data in care will decrease the costs and increase the quality of care. 

We foresee a growing demand of these kinds of services and want to use the results of the challenge in setting up new commercial activities. 

Target groups

Health care stakeholders, citizens, government

Deadline for applications : 2021-02-14

Contact person
Marike Boertien