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Value chains and business potential for biobased-CO2 in circular economy

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action; Affordable and Clean Energy


CVE ( is a French independent producer of renewable energy across multiple countries and sources of power. CVE is active in the photovoltaics solar, biogas, and hydroelectric markets. For Biogas production, CVE has developed a strategy that focuses on deploying dedicated biomethane units to recycle local organic waste streams. They enable communities and businesses to produce local, sustainable energy by recycling their organic waste through a “circular economy” approach. The unit developed process an average of 30,000 tons of waste a year and produces around 17 to 35 GWh of biomethane per year of which 2000 to 3000 tons of CO2 that are, for now, rejected in the atmosphere. CO2 valorization has been identified as an interesting axis in order to grow biogas local acceptance, its competitivity and lower its environmental impacts. 

Our challenge 

The Challenge proposed consists in analysing at a territory level around a Biogas project in Occitanie Region (region of Toulouse): the value chains, business potential and carbon impacts of a biobased-CO2 valorization model in circular economy. 

The challenge includes a European Benchmark of such models, a local market analysis to identify and assess biobased CO2 users, the design of models of interests to be studied, and CO2 impacts assessment for such models compared to a reference model of conventional CO2 logistics. Various issues could be assessed and taken into account in the analysis by the team such as: biobased COacceptability, carbon impacts assessment of the different models, economic issues, COMarket evolution, etc. 

Expected impact

The Work performed by the students will be used to assess the feasibility of a Proof of Concept on a Biogas Unit in Occitanie region that will be put in service in 2023.

Targeted groups 

Public actors (French organization such as ADEME, ATEE, …), private actors (GrDF (gas company), industrials, start-ups, energy clusters…) and civil society (residents, NGOs…) could be involved in this project in one way or another.


Important Information

Technical and business case analysis done by CVE will be shared to the Team. The team will be asked to sign a non-Disclosure Agreement. The results to be published will be discussed with CVE first.

The project will be run over a ten-week period:
Week 40: Kick-off
Week 44: First interim presentation
Week 48: Second interim presentation
Week 50: Closing event

Deadline for applications, including a short motivational statement: 30th September 2021





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