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Intimate cityscapes

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Partnerships for the Goals


As an initiative grown out of Stavanger’s art community, Byverksted is organized by citizens, bringing together a variety of people. Responding to top-down development without real participation of the local residents, Byverksted puts artistic strategies into use to amplify bottom-up urban planning and to explore interventions in the social fabric of the city. Byverksted invites citizens to share experiences, opinions, and ideas and knowledge fears and dreams: a ‘collective production of desires’ (PlanBude Hamburg). Previously, Byverksted has arranged workshops, talks, engaged in debates, produced posters, flyers, stickers, and a series of zines and publications. Some resources can be found at 

Our challenge 

How to create a sustainable city where you are? 

What is participation? Byverksted focuses on creating a more democratic process of participation in city development. We want to investigate how our closeness to our surroundings can translate into physical transformation of those spaces. How can we as participators of a city join in creating this vibrant space that we live in? 

Depending on your field of study we urge you to find ways of connecting people to the physical spaces of what we call «the city». What is the city and what is it made of? It's made of our houses, the spaces in between and those places that we might call «public». 

Investigate where we have the freedom to transform the city. Use the friction of society to challenge the pre-existing rules of city participation, and find ways to actively engage both yourself and other people in forming their surroundings in a city. What can we do as part of a city? 

Be creative in using the public and privat spheres of the city. Use the loopholes of the city to investigate how our freedom or lack thereof is forming our relationship with our urban home. 

Expected impact 

Intimacy with your surroundings. What does it foster? How can you create a communication with the natural surroundings of people's homes. How can this relationship to the neighbourhood feel free enough, so that people can have some sort of active stance in building the streets, the connections between them, the holes and the bridges of this world. 

Target groups 

The project should think about how to actively engage the people living in the city and its neighbourhoods. Find ways to create interactive experiences for the people living in the city, so that more people become aware of the freedom they can find in creating a home outside of their houses, in the spaces in between, called the city. 

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20