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Project Signals and Models

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Responsible Consumption and Production
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Many problems require a technical solution: a physical system that shows certain behavior. Think about eg. a Segway, a motorized vehicle that can automatically avoid obstacles, a camera stabilizer, a stabilized spoon for a Parkinson patient and of course drones. To make such a systema and control it, one first needs to analyze the problem and based on that, model the expected behavior of the solution. When designing this solution one also needs to think about what signals will be generated, how the important information is filtered and noise attenuated and how the system should respond to these.

In this project you will first choose your own challenge, for which you will develop a technical solution. You will then make a plan for your work, design and develop the system and finally demonstrate it.


The challenge

As a team you are free to choose any challenge you want to work on, as long as it requires a technical solution that can be developed in this 10 week period.


Important information

The challenge you will choose is included in the course ‘Project Signals and Models’, a 3 ECTS course. As this project is about applying knowledge, we expect you to also follow the courses Signals (4 ECTS) and Models (4 ECTS) as well. 

Participants of this project are expected to have sufficient background knowledge in Linear Algebra and Dynamical Systems (electrical and mechanical system analysis, Laplace transform and transferfunction).


After successful completion of the courses, you will receive a certificate and a transcript of records with the ECs.


A max of 10 ECIU students can apply for this course.


Deadline of application: 22 August 2021.

Start of course: 6 September 2021.

End of course: 12 November 2021.

Teacher: Herbert Wormeester


Expected time investment: 8 hrs/week for the challenge, and approx. 20 hrs/week for the additional courses, for a 10 week period.