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Tech and the City

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and Well-being; Partnerships for the Goals


Altice Labs has been shaping the future of technology since 1950, being the catalyst for innovation and transformation not only inside the Altice group but also in society. Supported by a strong and dynamic innovation ecosystem, Altice Labs' mission is to improve, through technology, people's lives and how different entities achieve their business goals.

Aiming to transform technological knowledge into value for local communities, in the last years Altice Labs has been involved in the topic of sustainable cities and communities, more specifically in the evolution of mobile communications, data platforms and intelligent services that may enhance urban spaces.

Our challenge 

The spread of telecommunication technologies was based on digital transformation. The advent of IoT is enabling smart cities vision. Nowadays, humans and devices/sensors are producing and consuming data&content that must be analysed to extract useful information. How can cities use this information and better extract value from it to improve the quality of life to those visiting and living in an urban space? How can different stakeholders interact and do business out of this big data? And how can 5G communications and other future technologies supported by AI leverage the future sustainable cities?

Expected impact

We hope to have useful insights to design innovative solutions that will help to build the cities of the future.

Target groups

City and citizens

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20