Creating room for life in the future
Sustainable Cities and Communities; Reducing Inequality; Good Health and Well-being; Responsible Consumption and Production


Riksbyggen has just over 2,700 employees, at 434 locations in 261 municipalities, spread across the country. This provides a local presence that facilitates our close collaboration with our customers.

Riksbyggen is a modern cooperative company where the basic ideological view is combined with business activity. A majority of our owners are at the same time our customers, which places high demands on efficiency and quality, and provides stability and wise decisions, deep-rooted in reality.


Since the start, Riksbyggen has had the goal of being able to offer housing to the general public. Unfortunately, the trend shows that prices for new homes have risen over the past decade and continue to grow. In turn, this has led to that people cannot afford to buy a new home. What is the root cause of expensive new productions, and how can we include everyone when we continue creating room for life in the future?

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-31


You also need to apply for the inGenious course (799G52), which you do at If you have any questions about the project or course, please contact facilitator Cia Lundvall at