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Rehabilitation of Cujas Square in the City of Bourges, France

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and Well-being


The municipality of Bourges wishes to launch a projet aiming at a rehabilitation of “Place Cujas”, a square in the center of the city, in order to better answer citizens needs with an approach of well-being and sustainable development. 

Our challenge 

Place Cujas project is an opportunity for students to approach an urban project in all its complexity. Through observations and a complete analysis, they will be quickly asked to position themselves vis-à-vis the dynamics (historical, socio-cultural, economic etc.) specific to Place Cujas but also beyond, by joining the scales of the city of Bourges and of its territory.

Expected impact

Various proposals will be developed by the students, seeking to guide the choice of the City of Bourges, as challenge provider, on the role that Place Cujas can play among all of the city's public spaces.

Target groups

Citizens of the city of Bourges and visitors

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-31