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Cooperation beetween LiU and the trade and industry in Norrköping

Quality Education; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Decent Work and Economic Growth

The Trade and Industry Office is a part of the Municipality of Norrköping and is actively working to develop the trade and industry. We work to establish and re-establish companies, improve growth and create support structures for start-ups and talent supply.


The supply of competence in short and long term is of highest priority for a sustainable growth in Norrköping. Cooperation between students at Campus Norrköping and the trade and industry in Norrköping need to be improved to achieve the best of results. Currently, there are many good initiatives of cooperation between the University, the Municipality, the supporting system, and the trade and industry; such as fairs, networks, and other match-making projects. But many of these cooperations are tied to one or few persons and therefore not sustainable in the long run.


Create a system or a working model that facilitates the contacts between trade and industry and students, that is not tied to a person but sustainable regardless who has the role. The outcome should be increased knowledge about Norrköpings students among the trade and industry in Norrköping, reinforced match-making between the two parts in order to increase competence and create growth within the trade and industry.

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