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Agtech 2030

Zero Hunger; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Responsible Consumption and Production; Partnerships for the Goals; Decent Work and Economic Growth


Agtech 2030 is a Vinnväxt Initiative that aims to build up an innovation environment and activate a mobilisation aiming for tomorrow's sustainable agriculture. The focus areas include sensors, digital technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things - but also business development. Agtech 2030 consists of several private and public organizations with the joint vision to contribute to the societal challenges related to agriculture and green industries.

The actors in Agtech 2030 share the view that agriculture is a technologically and innovatively prominent industry. The common apprehension of agriculture rarely corresponds to the high-tech and dynamic industry that agriculture actually represents. The industry is bursting with technological innovation and dynamic business models.

In this project Agtech 2030 partner with Lantmännen, Agro Öst and Vreta Kluster.


Today, the vast majority of people in our country live in cities and because of this, they have lost their connection to the countryside and agriculture. In the worst case, they base their knowledge of farming upon the fairytales about Emil in Lönneberga and reality shows such as “Farmen” and have only visited a farm at occasional events such as a “cow release” or a stop at a farm shop.

The knowledge of modern agriculture is also scarce and therefore many people cannot understand how food is produced and how different aspects are connected and dependent upon each other within the agrifood system. We would like to change this. The challenge is therefore how to increase the social knowledge of agriculture and food production from a sustainable, technical production perspective. In short – increase people’s knowledge about their food.

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