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One ticket system travelling across Lithuania

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action


Public transport is usually run by public transport companies, even though there are some private operators. Different companies operate different types of transportation, such as trains and buses. From the passenger perspective, that means buying a different ticket. It even gets more complicated if the passenger is travelling from one city to another because the prices are different. Today trains are run by LTG LINK, a state-owned company. There are over 40 bus operators running services between cities and municipalities. And there are also city operators who run public transport within municipalities.

Our challenge 

When travelling from one place to another, the passenger might need to buy a different type of ticket. It can be confusing as the prices are different while also different discounts may be applied. Some operators have electronic tickets, which you can buy online while others don’t, and the passenger might be required to pay by cash during the boarding. 

Expected impact

One ticket system and convenience for the passenger. The system should automatically calculate the best price for the passenger from the beginning of the journey point to the destination, and the cost should be split to the transport operators based on the passenger journey and transport means the passenger travelled with. 

Target groups

Citizens, public sector, business. 

Suitable for students who have intermediate skills in probability and optimization theory, basics of algorithms, programming skills (Python, C family languages or Matlab).

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-31