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From Farm to Fork

Sustainable Cities and Communities


The grand topic of the challenge is distribution and delivery of local agricultural production to help small farmers and allow a healthy lifestyle for the population. 

The challenge provider will be introduced in the kick-off session and the challenge will be presented to participants around mid November. An interim meeting with the challenge provider will be organized in the first week of December where the first results will be presented by participants. The final meeting will be held around mid December where the winner will be announced.

Participants will be provided with a reference framework with the definition of the challenge and specific objectives. In the first phase, participants will be asked to take a critical approach to the topic and redefine the challenge into more specific sub-challenges. Following an in-depth analysis, they will be stimulated to produce ideas to solve the challenge and / or sub-challenges identified in the meantime. Finally, they will be instructed to define a concrete action plan aimed at implementing the ideas developed and their verification and validation, also to provide useful information for the European debate on the subject.

Our challenge

  • Identify possible recipients of local agricultural production
  • Focus on specific sub-groups, like e.g. the participants community, or the University, or people temporarily in Trento who come from outside the region
  • Facilitate the relaunch of sustainable urban and peri-urban agriculture by encouraging direct interaction between producers and consumers, shortening the supply chain and improving direct sales, thereby promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Some questions to be addressed: How to distribute in a more widespread way agricultural products of a short supply chain, matching the needs of local producers with those of consumers in Trento city? How to improve the distribution of local agricultural products in Trento, based on consumers' needs? How to improve the lifestyle of the final consumers? How to reach participants and make them understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, starting from nutrition?

With lots of creativity, strategic reasoning, analytic work and readiness to develop an implementable project, participants will be guided by the teamcher to the delivery of a sound final project for each participating team that will compete for the final victory.

Expected impact

  • Identify market segments that would appreciate delivery of healthy food through non traditional distribution channels
  • Find solutions for the efficient delivery of healthy food produced by local farmers
  • Build awareness about the importance of healthy food

Target groups

Trento’s producers and consumers. Among consumers: university community, especially students.
The challenge however also consists in identifying possible new target groups.


Expectations from participants
Work in teams, average workload 1,5 hours per day for five days a week for 4 weeks

Deadline for application: 8 November 2021

Period: November 15 to December 16, 2021

Structure of challenge: Online in the first period, in presence in Trento for the last week

SCHEDULE (subject to slight changes)

-        15 November (17 – 19): kick-off of the challenge (online)

-        17  November (17 – 19): collective mentorship (online)

-        29  November (17 – 19): Student presentations (online)

-        22 November meeting with students and challenge redefined

-        From 30 November to 10 December: mostly teamwork (online)

-        From 12 to 16 December: in-presence fine-tuning week (in person)

-       16 December (17 – 19):  final presentation (in person)

Expected Class size: 12-20 participants, to be divided into 3-5 teams

Activities: interaction with the challenge provider, teamcher, mentors, teammates, other stakeholders. No traditional classes

We’ll include a learning assessment guided by the principles of self-directed learning, the reflective perspective, and the integration of summative with formative assessment.


University of Trento


Trento Municipality

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