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Sofidel Sweden AB

Plastic reduction when transporting with pallets
Responsible Consumption and Production; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action
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Sofidel Sweden AB is one of the oldest Tissue paper producers in Europe and since 2010 is part of the Italian Group Sofidel, the second-largest Tissue producer in Europe with approx. Six thousand employees and a turnover of just over 1,8 billion Euros. Located in the municipality of Kinda, in the county of Östergötland (Sweden), the company works with a fully integrated production process which ranges from the production of parent reels to the manufacturing of the finished product.

Sofidel Sweden AB is a successful company in the process industry, and it manufactures tissues, which then converts into a finished consumer product on-site or at other converters in Sweden and on the international market. Sofidel Sweden AB is located in Kisa, about 50 km south of Linköping. Since the summer of 2010, Sofidel Sweden AB has been part of the Italian group Sofidel, which is the second-largest in the European tissue market with approximately 5,200 employees and a turnover of just over 1.8 billion euros.



Today, quantities of products are packaged in plastic packaging, products that in many cases, could be replaced with paper or other durable materials. Sofidel has taken the step of completely switching to paper packaging, so-called primary packaging, but is now striving to find a solution that concerns their secondary packaging, i.e. the actual wrapping of the pallets before transport. Today, the wrapping takes place with several layers of plastic. Sofidel wants to reduce sharply - or exclude entirely - its use of plastic regarding its secondary packaging. Are there other materials we can - entirely or partially - replace the plastic with? Or are there other solutions for packaging and distributing products on pallets?

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-31


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