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How can we make public transport more accessible in Lithuanian regions?

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People use personal vehicles rather than public transportation in Lithuania regions because of the poor public transport access. According to Eurostat, Lithuania is ranked the lowest in the EU by the proportion of passengers travelling by car and public transport (2017). Despite the recent increase of passengers in public transport (5,5 million passengers/trains/2019; 8,5 million passengers/busses/2019), we are still a long way from the EU average.

Our challenge 

Trains and buses operate on a certain schedule which does not always represent the real demand and leaves vehicles half-empty even though companies are trying to meet the traveller needs. Another issue is the walking distance (sometimes up to 10-15 km) to the public transport stop. Such residents choose to travel by personal cars to reach the final point while increasing pollution, the traffic and does not make efficient use of public transport. 

Expected impact

Inland travelling by personal cars reduced to EU average level; Increased number of passengers that use public transport. 

Target groups

Citizens, public sector, business.

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-14


Kaunas University of Technology


Mobility Innovation Center

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