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1. Registration and applications for ECIU University learning offerings can only take place via the ECIU Challenges website by submitting the completed application form.

You can register to create an ECIU University account via our registration form. This step is mandatory in order to proceed with an application.

You can apply for a challenge after you have browsed through the offered activities via our challenges catalogue.
You can apply for a micro-module after you have browsed through the offered activities via our micro-modules catalogue.

2. Registration is considered as the creation of an “account” or a “profile” within the ECIU Challenges platform, however they are not considered as completed Applications. For applications there is a separate form that needs to be filled in via the website after selecting the desired ECIU learning offering (i.e. challenge or micro-module).

3. By submitting the application form the participant declares to have received these regulations and in addition declares himself/herself in agreement with its contents.

4. Application deadlines are subject to the ECIU learning offering and are specified in the activity description webpage. Each learning offering has a different application deadline and it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure timely submission of the application.

5. Upon successful submission of a registration and application forms, an automated confirmation email is received. Further information regarding the admission process will follow via email by the designated Institutional Admission Officer of the offering university. 


5. All received applications will be reviewed by an Admission Committee appointed by the ECIU institution offering the learning activity. Admission will be made primarily based on certain pre-defined hardcore requirements (please see here for more information) as well as based on the decision of the Admission Committee based on the submitted documentation and any other specific requirements. In the occasion of specific requirements, these will be mentioned in the description of the learning offering’s webpage. 

6. The ECIU University via the Institutional Admission Committee reserves the right to test the participant’s starting level in order to assess whether it fits the level of the learning offering and to select students based on other admission criteria such as CV and motivation letter. If the ECIU University via the Institutional Admission Committee finds that the starting level is insufficient, it may decide not to admit the participant to the learning activity.

7. We act in good faith to provide you with access to your personal information and to correct this data if it is inaccurate or to delete such data at your request if it does not otherwise need to be retained by law or for evaluation purposes. Furthermore we may use your email address for communication purposes in relation to the learning activity you have applied to. Our general privacy statement for the university is valid for all ECIU University learning activities. 


8. It is very important for the learners and applicants to be aware that by applying and accepting a positive offer to an ECIU University activity you understand the expected workload, dedication and ownership this entails. In particular for ECIU challenges the workload may vary depending on the length and depth of the chose challenge, which may require a certain amount of hours spent per week. 

9. Learners may apply to more than one challenges via the ECIU Challenges Database, always keeping in mind the workload entail. There is a maximum amount of 3 challenges a learner can apply to, providing preference by means of ranking them from 1-3 based on preference. 


10. The ECIU University reserves the right to cancel a learning activity (challenge or micro-module) in the occasion of insufficient applications or other reasons. The ECIU University via the offering institution will either in writing or by email inform the applicants of a cancellation at least 2 weeks prior to the designated starting date of the activity. Applicants should keep this in mind when applying.

11. If in the opinion of the ECIU University (via the offering institution) placement or admission is not possible or eligible, or if ECIU University (via the offering institution) has cancelled the learning activity, the application of the learner will be annulled automatically.


12. Applicants and Learners may withdraw their application or interest to participate to an ECIU learning offering (challenge or micro-module). To do so, the application and/or learner is required to do this on a timely manner and preferably at least 2 weeks before the start of the activity as later withdrawal will majorly affect the organisation of the activity as well as the other participating learners. 

11. To withdraw an application or interest, please make sure to contact the designated Institutional Admission Officer to inform them of the decision to withdraw (contact details can be found at the bottom of the activity’s webpage)


12. Participants are responsible for procuring the appropriate insurances (civil liability, accident and health insurance) in case of physical mobility while partaking in an ECIU University activity.

13. In those cases for which the terms and conditions of registration and application do not provide, the director of the ECIU University will decide in reasonableness and in fairness.

14. Any disputes resulting from the agreement between the learner and the ECIU University that cannot be resolved in mutual consultation will be brought for the Executive Board of the ECIU University.


15. The ECIU University Challenges platform follows the same Cookies policy as defined in the website (please see here for more information).

16. You can find the ECIU Challenges platform privacy statement here


17. If you have questions, be sure to contact us or check out our FAQ page!