What's this Platform all about?

This website is created as the ECIU University Challenge Platform. It frames real life challenges into practical form for learners to work on and to come up with practical solutions for the challenge.

The Challenge Platform provides the overview of the ECIU University challenges and micro-modules, allows visitors to explore the challenges and register to them, also introduces the community of challenge facilitators that will help learners through the challenge-solving process.

This platform aims to support the above objective by 

  1. giving an overview of challenges. Uppcoming challenges and open challenges for contributions as well as archived challenges to inspire visitors to join our community.
  2. offer options to register for visitors and learners
  3. offer options to indicate your favorite challenges
  4. offer an option to apply for a position in a team for a specific challenge
  5. help companies, governments and other societal actors to contact an ECIU university via a regional challenge coordinator and learn more about possibilities to introduce a challenge

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