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University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger is situated on Norway’s south-west coast, surrounded by magnificent and diverse landscapes. The charming harbour city of Stavanger ranks as Norway’s fourth largest with approximately 130,000 inhabitants and is known as Norway’s “oil and energy capital”. The Stavanger region is Norway’s most productive area and has been the national hub for innovative industry for several decades, partly owing to the petroleum industry and partly to a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship which existed long before the oil age.

University of Stavanger

Our challenges

Challenges of the University of Stavanger

Mapping the constructions’ recyclable, reusable and renewable materials

To meet the goals of reducing CO2 emissions and focusing on sustainability in the construction industry, there is an urgent need to drastically reduce carbon emissions from building construction.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production
Intimate cityscapes

What is participation? How can we focus on creating a more democratic process of participation in city development.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Partnerships for the Goals
How to build a democratic organization from scratch?

Byverkstedet wants to create an organization that is open and inviting to many. To be able to do that, we need to clearly communicate to the citizens that we exist and that we want to create community
through our platform.

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Future Energy Hack

Future Energy Hack is a case competition where students spend a weekend solving challenges under the mentorship of people from the university, industry, and the public sector. The overarching topic of the challenges should be to “reduce emissions and create new positions and “Autonomy challenges.”

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Partnerships for the Goals, Affordable and Clean Energy

Kolumbus is the largest mobility company in Stavanger. The last couple of years, they have extended their services from bus and ferries to electric citybikes and more. They are now planning to offer “car as a service” for businesses at Nord-Jæren - using Hyre as the deliverer of the solution and fleet of cars. The project is now being tested through a pilot at “Innovasjonsparken” in Stavanger.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
Make urban area and complexes more green

The product increases the quality of food by providing the opportunity for people to grow their food materials. The product changes the future of food production and increases citizens' contribution to the food supply chain. The product improves the complex standards and the quality of life in cities.

Life On Land, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Good Health and Well-being, Responsible Consumption and Production
Closed for application
Exploring sustainable urbanism and democratic participation

The fields of architecture, urban planning and urban management have long been criticised for its top-down approach and its failure to include different perspectives and diverse inputs. The missing link can only rely on the civic society supported by the municipality. Therefore, we need to create spaces of conversation, exploration and broad communication that can give access to everyone living and working in our cities.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Partnerships for the Goals