Scania’s purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system by developing safe, smart and energy efficient transport solutions that are better for people and the planet. Sustainability attitude should be valid not only for production but also for internal cultural attitudes within the company. One of Scania’s core values today – eliminating waste. Due to this reason, the focus should be on the role of sustainability, energy savings, waste prevention, reuse, repair, and recycling, as opposed to disposal. The company's goal is to play an active role in facilitating sustainable, circular consumption and efficient resource management. Scania’s team wants to become a role model for other companies by not only applying sustainability philosophy within company’s products but also in daily office life. Every year the company has internal Climate Day event for company’s employees where we discuss possible solutions to save our planet with personal initiatives contributed by the company resources. Scania plans to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 footprint by 50 % until 2025 to stay on the same income level and save Earth resources in the face of climate change issues. Scania would also like to support, help, and motivate other companies to find the place and time to discuss and share ideas on how to support sustainability within the company in the right direction and enable others to reduce waste and develop more sustainable consumption patterns.

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