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Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly

Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly

Following on from the enactment of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 a number of changes were made to the regional structures in Ireland where the eight regional authorities were dissolved. Three new Regional Assemblies came into effect on 1st January 2015, namely the Southern Regional Assembly, the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly and the Northern & Western Regional Assembly.

The Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly comprises of 38 elected Members nominated by the 12 constituent local authorities within the region.

The main roles of the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly are to:

  • Implement the appropriate Regional Planning Guidelines operational within its geographical area.
  • Prepare, adopt and implement the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies.
  • Ensure consistency with RPG/RESES in relation to the Local Economic and Community Plans of the 12 constituent Local Authorities.
  • Participate on EU operational programme monitoring committees.
  • Identify, participate and co-ordinate certain EU projects.
  • Support the national delegation to the Committee of the regions.
  • Support the work of the National Oversight and Audit Commission.


Our challenges

Challenges of the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly