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Linköping Science Park

Linköping Science Park

Supporting the brilliant minds of the future

Mjärdevi in Linköping Science Park is a world-class innovation hotspot – with 7 000 brilliant minds and more than 400 companies inspiring Linköping – and the globe – with technology, services and an explorative mindset. It is the home of leading tech companies such as Sectra, IFS and Autoliv, as well as pioneering startups like Amra, XM Reality and Senion. It is a place where businesses grow and break frontiers in close collaboration with academia and talents.

Since 1984, Mjärdevi has been a place where talent grows. It started with the establishment of a few research and technology companies, in near proximity to the university. The power, the knowledge and the ambition of these people made the foundation of a community, which in three decades has grown into being a leading international environment for innovation and growth.

Thanks to early adaption, our will to explore new techniques and new ways of working and thanks to all the brilliant minds cooperating over the years – we are proud of being an international inspirer. We, the people of Linköping Science Park, take on future challenges together. We inspire and support each other with the common objective of enabling groundbreaking solutions for modern society.


Our challenges

Challenges of the Linköping Science Park